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Operating since 2005, we have made it our goal to seek out esteemed producers. Building lasting relationships based on common values and sharing with our customers the jewel of their passion and lifelong work.

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Château Eugénie is the end result of a long lineage of winemakers. According to departmental records, the first traces of winegrowing dates back to 1470 when the Couture winegrowers served the Lord of Albas. It was our great-great-grand-mother, Eugénie, who offered her name to the property.

Situated in the heart of Cahors vineyards, the vines of Château Eugénie symbolize perfect harmony between nature and wine with an ideal location on the best terroirs of the appellation. Planted on the mid-slopes and the slopes of the Causse on the terraces of the Lot valley, the vines benefit from exceptional sunshine.

Vignobles Carreau

Created in 1832 the Carreau family estate is one of the finest estates within the up-and-coming appellation Blaye Cotes de Bordeaux.

Located on the right bank of Bordeaux, surrounded by notable wine regions such as Medoc, Pauillac and St-Emilion.  


Today 7th generation of Carreau lineage, Sébastien and Nicolas Carreau cultivate 82 acres with passion and dynamism. The eight châteaux of the estate stretch across the best soils of the Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux appellation. 

7 Generations and 200 years of history


Since 1927, 4 generations of winegrowers have succeeded each other at the Château Aydie.


Founded and operated by members of the Laplace family, Its vineyards command a slope, with the Pyrenees for a backdrop.

It was a grand Belle Epoque villa belonging to the writer

Béarnais Joseph Peyré.

The Laplace family considers Château d’Aydie and Odé d’Aydie as the jewels among their wines. The wines they produce have and continue to win awards in France and across the globe. 


Château d'Aydie

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Château Haut Monplaisir

Situated in the heart of the Cahors appellation is the home of the famous grape variety Malbec. Let yourself be guided towards rare and intense delight. The Château Haut-Monplaisir is located in La Capelle-Cabanac opened in 1998 with an objective to create the most natural wines possible.  


Being self-proclaimed 'autodidacts', the producers at Haut Monplaisir are driven by an urge for learning and are backed by world-renowned technicians. They ultimately respect and observe their terroir, and have an acute understanding of soils and plants in order to extract the essence of the vineyard's grapes. And while always remaining autonomous, they pay homage to Pascal and Jean-Marc Verhaeghe (Château du Cèdre), two of the greatest “creators of Malbec” in the world.

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The story of Cellier de Boäl starts in 1987 when the son of a farmer planted his first orchard. His name is Michel and started his venture by selling his apples to a cooperative.

It wasn't until 1997 that he made a very good decision to start his cider production and created his very own production station. In 2004 Michels wife, Patricia joined in on the cider production. In 2016 their eldest son Boris joins the GAEC,

a farmer co-operative.

The organic ciders produced are made of fruit grown on the orchard. The fruit is washed, sorted and pressed within 24h of harvest. The juice is then left to ferment for several months in tanks and is filtered at low pressure to retain all the aromas. Sulphites are never added. 

Cidrerie de Boäl

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