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Established in 2005, Rouge et Blanc is a premier agency specializing in the promotion and distribution of French and Spanish wine throughout Ontario. The principal, Jean de Lataulade, has devoted his career to the wine industry. He previously worked as a fine wine buyer in London, England for a major Japanese company, and as an export manager in Bordeaux for a wine merchant. After arriving in Canada in 2002, he spent two years as an administrative director for a national agent before he decided to launch Rouge et Blanc. 




Rouge et Blanc facilitates two wine distribution channels:


(1) Private Imports

Ontario liquor distribution is governed by the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO). R&B has aligned with the LCBO’s consignment program to privately import wine from some of Europe’s finest vineyards and distribute them to local restaurants. This program is a powerful method of brand building for international wine producers, as Ontario wine enthusiasts become familiar with the brand through the wine lists of their favourite restaurants. 


We handpick our private imports based on the ratio of quality to price. Our current portfolio features a wide range of producers, from a low-priced yet excellent quality pinot noir from Languedoc to high-end, old vintage Bordeaux.


(2) LCBO Tenders

The LCBO operates 650 wines stores across the province of Ontario, featuring two distinct sections:



The Vintages section is the LCBO’s carefully curated wine boutique, featuring rare and exquisite wines from all over the world. The assortment of wine is constantly changing, and caters to elite wine collectors and passionate sommeliers. Twice per year, the LCBO puts out a call to suppliers from each region to present their wine for consideration. The majority of the wine featured in the Vintages section are purchased once and available for a limited time. Once the stock is depleted, it is rarely purchased again. For the last 12 years, R&B has facilitated the opportunity for producers to be featured in this high-profile section. We have a keen sense of which producers will be successful in this section, and work with our partners to create effective and successful offerings.




General List

The general list is a large-scale distribution channel for wine that is produced on a large scale for a lower ex-Cellar price (generally less than 3 euros) and come with a significant marketing budget. Packaging must also be modern and attractive. Wines on the General List are guaranteed to be stocked on the LCBOs shelves for at least 6 months. Unlike Vintages, wine regions are not often called upon to present their wine for consideration. R&B is a powerful partner in this scenario, as we work on your behalf throughout the year to get your wine on this list.


LCBO Buyers

It would be impossible for the key decision makers at the LCBO to taste every single wine they are considering. Therefore, they rely on industry standards and popularity. LCBO buyers will consult established publications and standards organizations, including: R Parker, Wine Enthusiast, Wine Spectator, James Suckling, Decanter, IWSC, Bruxelles Wine Challenge, and Macon Wine Challenge, to name a few. After over a decade of partnerships with the LCBO, R&B has become a trusted supplier and has a reputation of providing quality. They trust our judgement and we have the rapport needed to establish partnerships with new suppliers.